Slash Utility Costs While You Step Up Your Environmental Stewardship

Reduce hot water usage typically 85 to 95%
total water usage typically 25 to 35%
drying time typically 15 to 25%
man-hours = lower labor cost
Increase linen life due to shorter wash and drying time
equipment life due to less wear and tear on equipment

Energy and water rates are unpredictable and constantly rising. Since an ozone laundry system provides permanent savings in water, therms, and kWh, it will give you a constant hedge against the future pricing volatility of these resources.

We Can Connect You with Rebate Programs

Total Ozone Solutions has strategic relationships with a variety of major utilities, water agencies, and third parties. Along with bringing all possible rebate opportunities to our customers and helping them with the paperwork, we actually help to drive the creation of these programs.

We are proud that by documenting the tremendous utility savings available through our customer installations, we were instrumental in helping Pacific Gas & Electric design its new Deemed Ozone Laundry System rebate program.

All of the accounts mentioned in the resulting PG&E Ozone Fact Sheet are customers of Total Ozone Solutions.

The Hilton Garden Inn–Emeryville

TOS monitored the flow of hot and cold water into each of the three washer extractors for 30 days before installation and 30 days after.

Water & Sewage Savings

Hot water consumption decreased 91%
Cold water use increased 41%.
Total water consumption decreased an average of 2,432 gallons per day or 35% = 863,000 per year—and much less water going down the sewer.
Estimated water and sewer cost savings: $18.72 per day or $6,835 per year.

Electricity Savings

Shorter washer-extractor operating cycles and drying times mean shorter operating times for laundry equipment motors.
Estimated annual washer-extractor and dryer electricity usage savings: 8,651 kWh.
Estimated electricity cost savings: $779 per year, 3.5% of overall energy savings.

Natural Gas Savings

Decrease in hot water consumption by 1.32 million gallons annually decreases gas usage by 28.4 therms per day or 10,383 therms per year.
Estimated natural gas savings from reduced hot water consumption: $12,397 (nearly
89% of the cost to install the ozone system)
Shorter dryer run times reduce natural gas usage by an additional 0.133 therms per load. Based on 40 dryer loads per day, daily savings are 5.34 therms or 1,948 therms per year.
Estimated natural gas savings from reduced dryer time: $2,326 per year.
The total annual natural gas savings due to the ozone system are 12,331 therms, having
a value of $14,723 to the Hilton Garden Inn–Emeryville.

The natural gas savings represent two-thirds of the savings resulting from the ozone system and more than covered the cost of the ozone system.

Short Payback

Simple payback from quantifiable energy savings: 7.5 months. With available rebates and incentives, the payback was significantly shorter.
East Bay Municipal Utility District rebate: $1,740
PG&E rebate $7,086
Total rebate: $8,826
Total payback period: 83 days