The Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h Factor Delivers Success and Savings

Success is providing the ultimate guest experience while keeping costs in line—and being a good environmental steward.

With our ozone system installation, your guests will enjoy fresher, fluffier, better-smelling linen than ever before—while you drastically reduce utility and labor costs and your carbon footprint.

Reduce hot water usage typically 85 to 95%
total water usage typically 25 to 35%
drying time typically 15 to 25%
man-hours = lower labor cost
Increase linen life due to shorter wash and drying time
equipment life due to less wear and tear on equipment
Kill bacteria and viruses quickly
Enjoy easy installation with no down time
whiter, brighter, softer, better-smelling linen!

In addition, we offer a detailed Ozone Savings Analysis that provides information on the system cost, potential rebates, ROI and projected utility savings specific to your property. And we can help you apply for rebates that speed up your ozone system ROI.

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